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Characters grow and change over the course of the game making them fully realised as individuals who you'll get to know as you play.

Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is the fifth game in the series, but don't let this be a barrier because it features a new main character and a new team in a new city.

The stronger the relationship between members, the stronger the joint attack they can pull off against multiple foes, which will become essential to success in defending critical targets in the final chapters.

Better still, these "joint" attacks only use one movement point (same with special attacks), providing a variety of strategic choices in how to dispatch the enemy.

Eschewing the standard grid system, turn-based combat instead sees players directly moving character mechs in-turn about the battlefield, with the movement points used indicated on a dynamically shifting gauge at the bottom of the screen.

Both movement and attack are paid for out of this pool, though you will also require spiritual energy (referred to as "Pneuma" in keeping with the steampunk theme) to perform feats like super moves and healing.

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As a port of a five-year-old PS2 game, you won't find widescreen or progressive output supported, though 60Hz is supported on the European release and the visual fidelity cannot be faulted.

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