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Sample of intimidating lettersfrom attorneys

The former superintendent said she does not know if she saw the newspaper’s disciplinary record request come through for augmentation.The Advocate did ask about Underwood’s response to the letter.“I did not sign it …“Our difference especially in terms of spending, test scores and student experience at school is often what residents praise about the district and give reason to support referendums.”The evaluator does say Underwood should reach out to the community more and promote the district.In 2014 Underwood is asked to bring back the Friday updates to the board, praised on the annual meeting and her preparedness in a number of areas.READ: April 26 letter from Sevastopol School Board to Superintendent Linda Underwood“Based upon the investigation directed by the Board as a result of concerns first raised in January of 2016 surrounding incidents regarding your behavior, it has been determined that the areas listed below require your correction to act as an effective administrator in the Sevastopol School district.As a result, the Board directs that you are expected to adhere to and improve upon all of the components of professional conduct listed below effective immediately.The evaluation also praises Linda for her work with local groups, understanding the “importance of maintain staff morale,” and once again praised for her handling of district finances.There are several comments on her evaluation for that year including “Sometimes projects image of constant crisis …

Though “Linda tends to rely on promoting talking points in addressing important educational topics rather than deepening the board or public knowledge.avoid defensive reactions when in conversation or working with others; rather, use a 'seek first to understand' approach as well as 'I' statements to defuse emotions."Under communication the board wanted Underwood to “implement positive and proactive communication strategies to staff and community members” and “Check for understanding by the receivers of your communication.”Five points were listed under leadership and working: developing trust among colleagues staff and the community; giving positive feedback and encouragement to staff in order to “build trust and a positive culture”; schedule regular times to meet with staff; “participate in any leadership development or coaching offered by the District”; and “participate in any mediation or facilitation meetings to engage in and improve staff relationships and communication.”The letter, which was not placed in Underwood’s disciplinary file, was unsigned.The record came to the Advocate without additional comments or supporting documentation from Underwood.Projecting an image of “constant crisis” came up again in that evaluation.The evaluation does state that Underwood had become better about accepting criticism in the past year.

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Information is presented to set a narrative rather than a balanced analysis of multiple points of view on educational topics.”Communication was with constituents was seen as Underwood’s “greatest challenge.” She is praised for her “positive relations with external stakeholders while is considered unapproachable by many internal stakeholders (parents, teachers).”She is also praised for promoting a positive image of the school district.

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