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Sex chat recordings

During a conversation about quick money making schemes, a ‘friend’ mentioned that I’d be probably be quite good at being a sex chat line operator, and it would be easy money. ), he gave me a unique PIN number that I’d have to dial into the phone whenever I wanted to log on.

“Now all you have to do is record your greetings for each section, then you can start.

I put it to them that the boy in this case clearly sounded – by his voice and his hesitancy over the year he was born – under 18. As it turns out, Social Network is not the only such company to be operating out of the small town of Uvongo on KZN’s south coast.

The sex chat line company which Carte Blanche featured recently was another company, My Way, but its modus operandi is virtually identical.

Best of luck, and have a good day.” Nobody seemed to be acknowledging that this was the worst thing I’d ever done in my life, maybe I was over-reacting? They had to be overtly sexual, with ‘giggling, and possibly sexual noises thrown in’.

I’d never done anything like this before; it was embarrassing, idiotic and completely alien to me.

A person over the age of 12 who commits a crime can be held liable for the offence, they said; they threatened to play the call recording in court and seek judgment against the father for the unpaid debt, and have his salary garnished.

But again, they said they’d re-look at their processes.And then comes the harassment to pay up, followed by threats to charge the boy with fraud – for lying about being over-18 at the start of the call – and to play the recording of the conversation in court, and to seek a civil judgment against the parent for non-payment of the debt.The big issues in this scenario, aside from the moral ones, are: can parents be held liable for paying for a service obtained by a minor child, and would a court prosecute a minor for fraud under such circumstances? 94.” And then Lily delivered the crucial information about the cost of the service, very fast, without the pauses which would have given the words meaning.You can phone back any time for the banking details, we are a 24 hour service …” And without pausing for breath – or establishing whether the potential client on the end of the line had grasped the information, much less agreed to the charges – she launched into her raunchy routine.So the upshot is that in order to pay that “naughty special” of R100 for the service, the caller has to be sharp enough to call back and get the banking details, and then pay up within three days.

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