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Bonewits had dabbled in Satanism and witchcraft before founding Ár n Draíocht Féin, which in Gaelic means “our own fellowship” or “our own magic.” Although nearly seventy groves worldwide are affiliated with ADF, each organizes its own tailored rituals.At annual pan-pagan festivals, camping trips, and ADF training workshops, as well as over the internet, ADF’s 1,500 members exchange ideas on what rituals should look like.

“Some folks like to see him akin to modern-day Han Solo or Captain Malcolm Reynolds.” As this is my first Druid ritual, I have no idea how much of this to take seriously.

During the day he wandered the acres behind her house, picking through the scrub brush, the rocky terrain, the bristling white fir. recite a passage to ward off any spirits that might seek to challenge or question their practices before participants cleanse themselves at the start of the Fortuna ritual.

One day while he was out, the hair on the back of his neck began to stand up. He dashed back to the house and rummaged through the fridge, emerging with a bunch of grapes. Fortuna is the Roman goddess of fortune and could bring good or bad luck.

They speak of their practice as inclusive and pluralistic, but also self-define as rejects, misfits and seekers, drawing a protective boundary around their own otherness.

In one sense, Druidry is very old school – traditional and nostalgic for a way of relating to nature that most modern humans have lost. Druid rituals enact something not handed down or inherited, but deliberately created.

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