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Sexfight chat

The women grunted and moaned, they gasped and cursed, but neither could crush the other back.They pressed close, forehead to forehead, hot, sweet breath mixing, and glared daggers into each other’s eyes.“You’re tough, Martha, but I can feel your little titties turning to mush,” Teresa groaned at her foe.“Not likely, you filthy little fuck,” Martha gasped in reply.

The titfight raged on, the buxom beauties struggling and pulsing into each other, their massive, dense tits surging and vibrating with the power of their attacks.Around and around they rolled their breasts, their meaty flesh merging and quivering with the strain, their massive tits starting to slide in the slick sweat of their furious combat, their rock-hard bellies slapping hard, then rolling and writhing and rubbing as the women’s sexual struggle carried on.Deep, narrow navels sucked and released as their abdomens slapped and slipped.“Fuck, fuck you, break you bitch, break…” Teresa moaned in Martha’s ear.“Dirty little tramp, filthy fuckbitch, I’ll smash your tits, I’ll …Unngh, Oh God!Their struggling bodies slowly approached the bedroom wall and it was obvious that Martha intended to back her enemy into the wall and pin her there.Locked in a mutual bearhug, squashing each other’s tits as tight as they could, rubbing and rolling and grinding at each other, the two battling beauties whispered curses and threats in the other’s ear, their faces pressed cheek to cheek, as they fought to master each other.

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The heat between her legs was rolling through her entire body in waves, her underwear was soaked through, and the power in her raging breasts continued to build.

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