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Despite being labeled as "Mini-Con Weaponizer" compatible (and showing him holding Lord Doomitron in weapon mode), he does not actually have any 5mm post-holes anywhere on him, so the packaging is a liar.

On the other hand, He can ride on Stomp & Chomp Grimlock, although this does not activate any of the larger figure's gimmicks.

Because of his unique appearance, two-thirds of his head is molded in a softer plastic to safely transform the figure without damaging any of his many spindly facial features.

Bisk's scannable Decepticon insignia is centered on his robot front, accessible while still in-package.

All of the 2015 Transformers Kre-O product was skipped by retailers in the U. (at first), seeing release in Canada, Australia, and various Asian markets.

In fall 2015, almost all of it was finally released in the U. through TJ Maxx discount stores, including this set.

The trio set about breaking into the backstage of a Rear Axle concert so that they could steal some soundboards, a component vital for constructing a spaceship.

Although the heist started off well, things took an unexpected turn when Russell Clay stumbled across the Decepticons and alerted Bumblebee to the intrusion.

His badge is also altered: Scanning it only unlocks 5 Ultra Sparks and a Ticket for Cryostase to unlock a random character.

It's honestly quicker and less redundant to say which toys don't have this feature.

As part of the eighth wave of the One-Step Changer assortment, and the second wave of the Mini-Con Weaponizers subline, Bisk transforms from a robot to a sleek sports car in... You do have to bend his elbows and rotate his lower claws to finish the transformation either way, but the bulk of the transformation is one step.

Bisk and his Mini-Cons were stashed in a nearby crate and taken back to the scrapyard for questioning.

Virtually every toy in this list has a scannable insignia sticker on it.

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Many Decepticons fight because of boredom, for a higher cause, or because they just like to kill.

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