Society lifestyle choices vegetarianism dating and personals Webcam flirt sites

Society lifestyle choices vegetarianism dating and personals

I’d seen the horrifying images from inside feedlots.I’d seen the stomach-turning videos of abusive treatment to animals.But explaining why I did well with meat didn’t make me feel better about eating it. My biological wiring wasn’t making it easy to live according to the values I set for myself.With a little more investigation, I learned that there was indeed a way to eat meat and feel good about it on an environmental and ethical level.Vegan’s don’t have to give up eating popcorn in the cinema either.The Smooth Peanut & Almond, Lightly Sea Salted, Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato, Sweet & Salty flavours of Propercorn are all guilt-free.Veganism is one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements - there are now over half a million plant-based dieters living in the UK and that figure is set to rapidly rise over the next decade.

During my years as a vegetarian, I had loads of digestive issues and was constantly hungry. What a horrible choice: feel good in your body but guilty about the impacts of your choices; or feel good ethically and miserable physically.

The rise of so-called ‘vegansexualism’ means that vegans are more likely to date in an exclusive pool of likeminded eaters, actively rejecting meat eaters as sexual partners.

Just think of the awkward grimaces you won’t have to contain when your partner indulges in a lamb chop opposite you at dinner, plus there’s the inviting prospect of shared moral superiority as you defiantly stroll past the meat aisle in Tesco.

Men tended to be more bothered by a partner’s veganism than women, showing less enthusiasm at the prospect of giving up a hangover fry up or a roast dinner on a Sunday.

Let’s face it, the majority of our early dates tend to center around food, and while we’re willing to make major exceptions for our partners during the rose-tinted honeymoon period, food choices are clearly a deal breaker most of us simply aren’t willing to compromise on.

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Researchers also found that 77% of people wouldn’t be up for giving up meat for a partner, so vegans - if you do manage to find a non-vegan to go to dinner with you, trying to convert them to your plant-based ways over the aperitif might not be the best way of securing a second date.

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