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After PNMs have visited all 8 chapters, they will reunite with their recruitment groups and rank each chapter, their favorite being number 1 and their least favorite being number 8.

When ranking the chapters, it is important to reflect upon the sorority that you can see yourself being a part of, no matter the rumors of that chapter's reputation.

At Orientation, PNM's learn the ins and outs of the recruitment process.

Upon arriving at Orientation, PNMs learn the lingo of sororities.

This sorority woman will be your mentor and confidante throughout the week.

Each PNM is placed into a "recruitment group" who they will be meeting with every morning during the process.

It is extremely important to get a feel for each chapter early in the week.

I can adequately inform you about the Sorority Recruitment Process because I rushed in the fall and went through the whole process. I am a student at the University of Connecticut, but most schools have similar recruitment processes.

My goal is to put your curiosities to rest so you understand how each potential new member makes a decision whether or not Greek life is for her, and which sorority fits her best, through the journey of getting to know the chapters, making decisions, and finding her home.

Next, PNM's will watch a slideshow that educates them about the values of each sorority.

This is not shown in order to sway you in any direction, but rather to give you a greater understanding of what each chapter represents.

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