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As dismal as Arizona’s E-Verify numbers are, Arizona produced the highest enforcement rate for any state that mandates the program.Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina, states that all mandate E-Verify, all had lower compliance figures than Arizona in 2013.Most of the time, the information comes back correctly and legal workers are allowed to work.In a minority of cases, however, legal workers are falsely identified as potentially “illegal”—delaying their hiring.If those states cannot or will not enforce mandatory E-Verify, what hope is there to force a federal mandate in states that will resist, such as Illinois and California?E-Verify only identifies a bare majority of unlawful immigrants who are actually run through the system.The TNC rate for American citizens is only 0.2 percent, but the error rate for permanent lawful residents on green cards and visa holders is 2 percent—up over the few years prior to the last audit.To E-Verify’s credit, the TNC error rate for American citizens has improved over the years, but what is the acceptable number of Americans that we should subject to such a nightmare? American business owners have more important things to do than read another government manual telling them how to run their businesses.

In states where E-Verify is mandatory, all new hires must hand over their identity information to prospective employers, who then check it against government databases via the Internet.

E-Verify fails to turn off the jobs magnet for myriad reasons.

The most prominent is that states with mandates for all new hires don’t enforce it.

In 2013, only 58.5 percent of all new hires were even run through the system in Arizona—and that number assumes each new hire was only checked once.

Since each new hire could’ve been checked multiple times through E-Verify, the percentage of new hires checked could be a fraction of that.

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