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Some of the dramas overlooked of his that i recommend everyone watch is Border and Ouroburous!! This year Nobunaga Concerto was one of my favourites. His acting is zuper, from sweet princey, charismatic teen gang leader, badass samurai, smart Police, hilarious but kind hearted daimyo to cool yakuza and many other various roles. Despite his personal live scandals, all in all he is a very good and talented actor. Spotted him on Crows Zero and fell head over heels for this guy. He's not 'that kind' handsome, but I'll never get enough of his face. i just saw his performance in 'To Daisuke in Heaven' and it was the first time after watching hundreds of dramas that i sat there crying and so full of emotions that i couldn't even watch him because it was so real! i've seen some of your movies or dramas and i hope to see more of it, if not all;l but since i don't speak or understand Japanese, i will have to wait for all of it to be sold @amazon with english translations.

I dont think you are only handsome that's the word i use for my other faviourates rather i think you are perfect in all sense !! And I can't help myself but to smile knowing that both Jun Matsomoto and him were cast in both dramas I mention above....:-) You really nailed it!!!! And haven't he received awards a lot more than mentioned above? Though am so sad that he's married but I wish you all the best, Shun Oguri! Whenever I'm tired of K-Drama 'pretty' boys, I'll watch his dorama again. I love him sooooo much I would love if he would once in a while would do some rom/com movies or dramas I have seen most of his movies and dramas where his acting is soooo fab wishing him to do some dramas with sweetness and happiness in it also he has and always will my first fav Japanese actor ever. you give your fans the reason to fall for your characters not because you tried to play cute but you embody them.

In 1998, Shun performance in Fuji TV drama "GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka " brought him idol status. I know we are not to look into the personal lives of actors.

Then in 1999, Shun suddenly stopped acting to concentrate on high school and playing baseball. He is 10/10 for acting, handsomeness etc, but him cheating his wife kind of made me lose respect I had for him...

Good looking with perfect height , deep voice and perfect acting !!! I firstly saw him in Gokusen and he didn't really catch my attention. Please revised, what a shame if his achievements don't find a light... When he portrayed as Shinichi Kudo in Meitantei Conan, I can't stop giggling and also from Hana Yori Dango, Binbo Danshi and Gokusen 1. you become one with the character you portray and so we think you are Sano or Rui. you can sense love, pain, anger, and joy just by looking at your eyes. without any dialogues or body gestures, an actor must be able to say a million words just by the expression of his eyes, and i see that in you.

Then I saw Hana Yori Dango and honestly I didn 't like it, but I guess it's because I don't really like shoujo stuff. i wish i may say the same about your directorial debut. i will soon give myself the time to watch them and maybe send you another message about it.

By 2005, Shun's leading man performance as Rui Hanazawa in the TBS drama "Boys Over Flowers," was enthusiastically received by young fans and elevated his status to stardom. shun is a good actor in my own opinion and he got looks too, but as you can see he's always in such movies or series with actors like haruma miura and masaki okada,..

Because of the popularity of "Boys Over Flowers," Shun's image leaned towards a princely figure. that's why he's always compared with someone more handsome and refreshing and even younger than him. shun's already 30 so stop comparing him to those youngsters!

Good luck in your career as an actor and as a new film director.

[url=" season's drama series "Love Shuffle" (TBS) revolved around a group of men and women mixing and matching their relationships in an attempt to find their right mates.

The experiment apparently worked out for two of the show's stars: Hiroshi Tamaki (29) and Yuriko Yoshitaka (20), who are said to now be seriously dating.

But, in the following year of 2000 Shun quit school for good and auditioned for the role of a deaf person in the TBS drama "Summer Snow." Shun's well received performance in "Summer Snow" brought his acting skills to light and made people think of him as an actor. although i knew that you're married.i'm still be yor truly fans.keep going with those eyes..i'm so salute 4 yor actin' that make many girl fall in love with you..however you're the best actor ever i met..congrate..i love japan..kamikaze spirit !! I adore him because he can potrays every single role he he can act like a gangster or yankee in crows zero,the romantic one in rich man poor woman and serious role in hana kimi.can do anything..thats what we call a talented actor not just a pretty boy but acting like a hooker..especially a korean boy..role is limited and not funny...i found most of the japanese actor/actress can do better at their acting like tamaki hiroshi,narimiya hiroki,maki horikita,miura haruma and more.keep it oguri shun I love Oguri Shun . just finished Rich Man Poor Woman and he's handsome as always .. i don't know why nut seriously Oguri you always seem to capture me with all your characters in movies and dramas..

In 2003, at the age of 20, Shun expanded into movies. and he's really cool.he's left handed (i love left handed guys XD) . i like u alot as an actor and keep up the good job..ooghh plus you are very attractive,my only attractive jap actor..

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