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This period ended with the rise of the sea following the last Ice Age and the development of an estuarine environment 8000 years ago.All of Australia's Aborigines were semi-nomadic hunters and gatherers, with each clan having its own territory.It was this harmonious affinity with their surroundings that reveals to us how Australian Aborigines survived for so many millennia.

The combination of disease, loss of land and direct violence culled the Aboriginal population by an estimated 90% between 17.

The ideology of the clan system is based on a patrilineal descent with the male and female off-spring belonging to the clan of the father, which is a clan of opposite moiety to their mother.

However, in 1770, the Australian Aboriginal's culture and way of life dramatically changed when Lieutenant James Cook took possession of the east coast of Australia and named it New South Wales.

However, many Indigenous Aborigines also refer to the creation time as 'The Dreaming'.

For Indigenous Australians, the past is still fervantly alive in the present moment and will remain so into the future.

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The Ancestor Spirits and their powers have not gone, they are present in the forms in to which they changed at the end of the 'Dreamtime' or 'Dreaming', as the stories tell.

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