Updating oracle database

Updating oracle database

Adapt the PATH variable so that it no longer contains references to the old Oracle home.Check the environment with: $ env | grep ORACLE_HOME $ env | grep ORACLE_BASE $ env | grep PATH (this should no longer contain a reference to 112_64) Run the SBP post-installation instructions as described in the corresponding SBP README set IHRDBMS=/oracle/SID/12102 set OHRDBMS=/oracle/SID/121 set SBPFUSER=/sbin/fuser env ORACLE_HOME=$OHRDBMS $OHRDBMS/sapbundle/catsbp - Create the symbolic link for BR*Tools 7.40: cd /oracle/client If the link or directory 11x_64 already exists, rename it, as in this example: mv 11x_64 11x_64_save Create the symbolic link: ln -s /oracle/client/12x /oracle/client/11x_64 OK, now you can stop and start your system and check that you are working on 12c. Two-stage update process and the role of the Data Row Version in a successful update A dataset contains collections of tables, which contain a collections of rows.If you intend to update an underlying data source later, you must use the methods on the Data Table.- Checking Hardware and Software Check in chapter Installation Checklist in the Oracle Database Installation Guide: https://com/viewer/disclaimer-for-links? ZIP 'SBP_12102170117_201702/OPatch/*' mv $IHRDBMS/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch-pre-SBP_12102170117_201702 mv $IHRDBMS/sapbundle/SBP_12102170117_201702/OPatch $IHRDBMS/OPatch $IHRDBMS/bin/unzip -qd $IHRDBMS/sapbundle SAP12102P_1702-20012300.

I have inserted data and now wants to update the column of availability of user. @Simon MᶜKenzie I have done this too but still of no use $usql="update user M set avail=:avail where user_name=:user"; $stmt = oci_parse($conn,$usql); oci_bind_by_name($stmt, ":user_name", $user); oci_bind_by_name($stmt, ":avail", $avail); oci_execute($stmt); header("location:register.php?Merging datasets is useful when you have a local dataset and you get a second dataset from another application.It's also useful when you get a second dataset from a component such as an XML web service, or when you need to integrate data from multiple datasets.If you do send the changes back to the database, then a second step is required.If you aren't using data-bound controls, then you have to manually call the Update method of the same Table Adapter (or data adapter) that you used to populate the dataset.

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import cx_Oracle import pandas as pd import datetime import numpy import math conn = cx_Oracle.connect(conn_str) c = conn.cursor() def update_output_table(customer_id_list,column_name,column_vlaue_list) : num_rows_to_add = len(customer_id_list) conn = cx_Oracle.connect(conn_str) c = conn.cursor() for i in range(0,num_rows_to_add,1) : c.execute("""UPDATE output SET """ column_name """ = %s WHERE customer_id = %s""" %(column_vlaue_list[i],customer_id_list[i])) total_transaction_df = pd.read_sql("""select distinct b.customer_id,count(a.transaction_id) as total_transaction from transaction_fact a,customer_dim b where a.customer_id = b. CUSTOMER_ID""",conn) # Update this details to the output table update_output_table(list(total_transaction_df['CUSTOMER_ID']),'TOTAL_TRANSACTION',list(total_transaction_df['TOTAL_TRANSACTION'])) conn.close() My program is getting executed completely but I don't see my database table getting updated.

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