Updating the record using cursor

A unique default name is assigned automatically but you can modify this name at your leisure without effecting the position data.

Finally you should hit "save" to store the waypoint in your database.

For example naming a waypoint to 001 explicitly will cause the next automatic number to be 002 unless this is in use.

It will automatically increment until it finds an empty number.

Satellites close to the horizon will have good satellite geometry when coupled to one high unit but they suffer from atmospheric effects which can make the accuracy worse.

These factors are taken into consideration when the unit reports the estimated position error, EPE on the Satellite status screen.

The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude. The 76 family will also store depth data for water if an optional depth sensor is attached.

(Please see more information on averaging below.) If you are using dgps you can still average the position but the improvement will be much less since dgps is already more accurate.

On some units it will automatically use the lowest available number but and on many others you can force the number sequence to continue from wherever you wish.

To do this just name a waypoint from the number sequence.

This chapter covers the use of waypoints on Garmin receivers. Capturing your position as a Waypoint Planning Ahead Waypoint Entry Updating Waypoint Data Viewing Waypoint Data Deleting Waypoints Distance to Waypoints Proximity Alarms Tips and Tricks Waypoints are used to store and remember locations that are of interest to the user.

They are often used to store intermediate turns and intersections that help define a route to a particular destination.

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------------- /- __._FT - used with averaging to indicate FOM ------------- AVERAGE? Averaging will continue until you finally select save and enter.

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