Updating your psp

Updating your psp

you will only be able to use sony's cards on the psp.(look into this if you don't believe me) this is how/why sony made the psp “more affordable” because they know they can recoupe all their $$ from sales of their memory cards.

the 32mb card that it comes with is large enough for game saves, but that's about it.

all you people who think you'll only spend 0 are dead press as well as game sites are downplaying this fact very, very, much.

– by ravenas usual they dont consider the ram inportant.

has anyone even bothered to look at what some people have done with their gba and dss?

check out a web site called something to the affect of – by khueppc's are cool, i deal with them at work, but psp is for me.

– by mobile gamermy only problem with this thing is where th f*ck are the games?

it will be using umd discs for movies and mp3 players, 1.8 gb on each disc.

besides, nintendo will replace the ds for free if its defective. need i remind you how many terrible defects the psp had over in japan. jerk off to one and only one piece of plastic and silicone!

– by cheez mastah i would feel uncertain that i bought a ds when the psp is might be better now!!! – by billygoatthe battery life will be drained so quickly.

im happy with built in wifi and going to hotspots to check for email or football scores, or listening to mp3's, gaming and watching movies at the airport. – by moggeveryone seems to forget or ignore the fact the without a decent sized memory card(128 mb ) the psp's movie/mp3 usage is practically useless.

i think the psp is going to be awesome, but then i looked into the prices of the memory cards and found out they are ridiculously high.

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