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So he thought he would just avoid her until she got the idea.

Obviously this didn't work, and of course she wanted detailed explanations for why he isn't into her and what's wrong wither her, the list would go on forever.

This week's question comes from Sarah who writes, "Something interesting happened recently with a guy I was seeing.

We were chilling out together on a Saturday arvo, and then there was a knock at the door.

Don't get me wrong, I admire modern woman who aren't afraid to speak their minds, know what they want and aren't afraid to ditch any bloke whose life-goals aren't in sync with their own. News presenter Guiliana Depandi who in her book, How To Date Like A Man reveals 13 things women should never utter on the first three dates: Soul mate, destiny, rehab, baby, wedding, disease, my sister's wedding, astrology, therapist, Prozac, restraining order, ex-husband, biological clock. And have you ever sat and waited for a guy to call but he's gone MIA?

However the truth is, men just aren't going to respond to those sorts of demands in fear you're going to be the type of woman to rule their lives with an iron stiletto. I don't know about other blokes, but Living it has been known to just adapt to situations well and hence knows how to pick his battles.

Because while the women are forcing their partners to take place in such discussions, the blokes are "withdrawing and pulling back".

Having been on the receiving end of a couple of MIAs I know how it feels so would not do it myself as it just is not cool - however, you do get the hint very quickly so there is definitely no need for the psychotic show-up-at-the-front-door-for-god-knows-what-purpose showdown especially with added hysterics.

A good non-confrontational way of breaking it off is to put the ball in their court and get them to organise the next date/meeting - women hate doing that and usually don't so nothing happens - it's not foolproof though A reason for the avoidance of confrontation is managing the unexpected - men hate that - we hate variables and want to know the outcome before it happens (or at least have a decent of idea how things will eventuate) - you never quite know how the woman is going to react in this circumstance so I guess some just avoid it altogether.

The fact that they are different in some cases means that women too will need to learn to compromise.

If women understood that word to the point where compromise doesn't mean that we have to do it their way, then there is a real possibility for a true partnership....

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I've been in a situation where the silent treatment conjures up so many questions and excuses that eventually you talk yourself into believing they had to go on an emergency working trip to Cambodia where there is no phone signal, internet connection or working telephone.

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