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Validating fckeditor

Update panel: Gridview inside update panel not being refreshed.

I have a webuser control and a details view in two different panels on the same page.

The Enable Client Script property of my validation control is set to True by default, so it performs the validation on clientside.

But as soon as this occurs, it also performs the server-side validation, so the page refreshes. In my past experience, handled this automatically, but I guess it's not always the ca...

Validation inside update panel i have placed Place Holder in side the update panel and javascript validation is not working, any solution thanks While using Update Pannel sometimes javascript conflict. We have a page LOAD method which is automatically called. This cenario works if I put it outside the update panel, but as soon as I put the textboxes and button back in it requires the pieces of information no matter what situation.You javascript experts for sure will know right away whats going on... I have a website where multiple users are updating various pages of data. Another way of posting back is using an Update Panel and placing a trigger in it for a specified control and/or event. Collapsible panels, Update panels and client side state Hi, I have a situation that I'm trying to resolve. In a situation that an AJAX submission takes more than a couple of seconds a user could open and close the collapsible panels.If a user updates a particular section that other people are looking at I'd like to be able to trigger an update in the other peoples' Update Panels. Regards Matthew You can update a panel from server-side code, by simply use the Update method of the Update Panel that you want to update./Fredrik Normén - fredrikn @ twitter Microsoft MVP, MCSD, MCAD, MCTASPInsiders My Blog How do I get an event on one user's page to update other users' pages asyncronously? Update Panel inside Update Panel Hi, Can I have update panels inside other update panels. ---------------- register1 123 this should update label1 to 123 register3 234 ... The panels then start to refresh to the state captured at the time of the AJAX submission and not to the current state.I think I can use the Update Panel control for this.What I've done so far is add the scriptmanager, add the update panel with one textbox (the total monthly amount textbox) and added 5 additional textboxes outside of the updatepanel...avoiding redundant server-side validation after client-side validation I see an inaccurate validation behavior on my (2.0) form.

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Actualy I am trying to validate a WYSIWYG editor called FCKEditor.

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