Vietnam dating agency

Vietnam dating agency

Dating is a little more complicated than in most western countries.If a boy asks a girl for a date, they may go for a ride around town or perhaps for a cup of coffee, but never a movie.This includes men, boys and young girls, but never women!Do not be alarmed, this is considered perfectly normal.I have been entertained in several Vietnamese homes where the men talked, drank and dined for hours, while the women were relegated to the kitchen, even during dinner.(Although a female friend told me that she feels good about this!

This new wealth of information has dramatically altered the younger generation’s views about dating, sex and marriage.

The sexual revolution was late to arrive in Vietnam; more accurately, it arrived during the sixties and promptly departed on the last American chopper in 1975.

But the tag team of AIDS and the Internet sparked a new sexual revolution at the turn of the century.

As an SDN (Social Development Network) accredited dating agency, our expertise is in generating exciting dating opportunities and we will partner closely with you to weave that unique Fabrique of love – intertwined with a shared sense of values and a sincere connection.

We understand that romance isn’t all unicorns and stardust – planning and hard work are needed to keep connections alight.

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