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George really johnston told alleged victim told investigators she was trying to find out footage from the international space station 2001, 23.

One snippet of a leaked document published to the Guardian’s website appears to show that GCHQ hoped to eventually “collect images at a faster rate,” or perhaps even download all the webcam videos in their entirety. “It would appear that a surprising number of people use webcam conversations to show intimate parts of their body to the other person,” another snippet of an intelligence document published said.

Even at one screenshot every five minutes, material published to the Guardian’s website appeared to show U. It went on to say that an informal study had found that between 3 and 11 percent of all the images carried “undesirable nudity.” The Guardian said that OPTIC NERVE was intended at least in part to identify targets using automatic facial recognition software as they stared into their computer’s webcams.

This report also raises troubling questions about the NSA’s complicity in what is a massive and unprecedented violation of privacy.

We need to know more about what the NSA knew, and what role it played.

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“We’ve had to buy them ourselves.” The collection of nude photographs also raises questions about potential for blackmail. and British intelligence discussed leaking embarrassing material online to blacken the reputations of their targets.

America’s National Security Agency has already acknowledged that some analysts have been caught trawling databases for inappropriate material on partners or love interests. GCHQ refused to answer a series of questions about OTPIC NERVE, instead returning the same boilerplate answer it has given to reporters for months.

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If the program expanded, millions more could have had their video communications intercepted.

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