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But Huston cites more moments of her jealousy than of his caring.From the outset, Nicholson’s horndog antics were so overpowering that his frequent acts of flirtatiousness felt like daggers in her heart.This set a pattern for their relationship, as she learned that the “previous obligation” was stunning Mamas & the Papas singer Michelle Phillips, Nicholson’s ex-girlfriend. She fondly recalls a night when, watching Nicholson flirt with a German model at a restaurant, she had stood to go when Nicholson grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into her seat.“Don’t ever stand up like that to leave,” Nicholson said, leading her to write, “I enjoyed his brief flash of possessiveness.” He was also as generous as he could be inconsiderate, as she notes that “he might buy you a Rolls-Royce off the cuff,” and did buy her “a beautiful Mercedes-Benz,” which she crashed the day she got it.She recalls a 1973 Carole King concert in Central Park where Joni Mitchell “sat on the ground between Jack’s legs throughout the show.” Huston was “hurt and jealous,” but when she confronted Nicholson about it, he brushed it off.

“There’s only room for one of us women in the picture, and I am going to retire from it,” Huston said.

“As prolific as he seems to have been, he was actually quite discreet,” she writes.

“Occasionally, I’d find a piece of female apparel — once a jacket of mine turned up on a girl in the street — or I’d find some hand cream, or a trinket might get left behind in the soap dish.

Early on, Huston’s friend and fellow model Apollonia van Ravenstein told Huston that she slept with Nicholson the week prior, informing her that they used to be in a relationship.

When Huston confronted Nicholson, he replied, “Oh, Toots, it was just a mercy f—.” “That was the first time I’d heard copulation described as an act of compassion,” writes Huston.

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