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Who is jon seda dating

Greg Nava talked him into keeping the scene, arguing that because Selena and Chris did elope, ignoring it would be dishonest and do a disservice to them. Advocacy groups and both the American and Mexican press argued that a Puerto Rican from New York shouldn't have been cast to play the Mexican-American singer, who grew up in Texas. Jackie Guerra, who played Selena's sister Suzette, wanted the role so badly, she lied about her ability to play the drums in her audition.

I guess that's the whole point of the show, to share with viewers the ups and downs of the lives of the Pearsons."I ran into a couple of guys who were boxers. I became obsessed with boxing and the idea of becoming a champion. “I’m shooting all three shows right now at the same time — [.” RELATED Chicago P. Preview: ' Linstead's' Investment, Voight's Grief, the Unit's New Duo and More Season 4 Scoop" href=" target="_self" rel="nofollow" The juggling act comes courtesy of not only a job promotion for the character, but also new relationship and familial drama. He’s still going to be here and still will be going back.In addition to exploring how Antonio’s budding courtship with paramedic Sylvie “affects his sister Gabby” on(premiering Oct. We developed friendships that are going to last beyond the show. I’m sure there are going to be plenty of crossovers to and fro. In one regard, it’s sad, but not really, because we’re still going to be together… 11), “there’s also some family issues that we’ll be looking at,” Seda previews. You have some great people there: Carl Weathers; Philip Winchester; Monica Barbaro; Joelle Carter, who’ll be playing Antonio’s partner. Read on for Seda’s thoughts on Antonio’s big move to the State’s Attorney’s office, his unpredictable romance and more. He loves being a Chicago cop, and that’s something that he’s always wanted to be. But moving over to the State’s Attorney’s office and being a lead investigator, he has his own unit there. There are a lot of factors that will come into play as to why he does go over. There’s going to be more focus on the case, and how each one deals with that case. He really loves his family, and unfortunately, it just went the way it did.

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TVLINE What spurs the job change to investigator for Antonio? He still gets to bring down the bad guys and help his city, just on a wider range because he’ll now have state-wide jurisdiction, which he didn’t have before. Antonio hasn’t had a partner since his partner was tragically killed in the first season. They’re not the two people you would think of right off the bat. He’s focused on his job, his work and trying to be there as much as he can for his kids, and didn’t really think about having love in his life.

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