Whois asiandating com

Whois asiandating com

You are just talking to the middle person who is trying to make more money and maybe the company is encouraging this practise? First of all, Asian is a California based American enterprise.It has no more insider knowledge about or connections with beautiful Chinese ladies than the average Joe Blow in Orange County — Disneyland to be exact.Next observation, suspicious, all ladies are very pretty and have professional “model” photos, were wearing what looked like the same clothes, in some cases same costumes.I have been to Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong on business.It’s very degrading for us and it ruins all other filipinas’ image. But what made me liked westerners , Americans is that i think they’re romantic.. They want me to send them copies of my government ID. I’m going to send a company without a published address or phone number my government ID. The place has ungodly amounts of fake profiles and scammers and their sharp as a whip investigating team flags real people. To me it seems that the company hires Chinese people who can translate messages into English.Nothing about my profile was faked, my credit card worked fine, yet they want me to send them my id. They probably get paid by how many credits their clients are buying.Hope I can meet my date very soon so I can close this horrible episode on the internet.And please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not talking about the ladies.

To my surprise I saw a .99 charge from JAGA SMART TECH CORP… It was my fault for not looking at my Paypal account and saw charges going back 7 months including a .99 charge to “test” the account. If you want to waste your money please send it to my account and I will donate it to charity. And if someone does not believe me I can send him 30 or 40 screenshots to prove it! You pay 1.00 a minute to chat with a lady nothing more. Most are earning commissions especially the models. Whent on the site to see if it had changed was the same but the same ladies areit is very weak and slanderous date site for an out going person, as soon as I started explaining to a couple of females about my profession, I was kicked off by the administrators of the site, and they really get piss when you offer the email or phone numbers to other ladies to get to know them on your own, it not like I am one of thosescammers that show a pretty picture and never want to come on the cam while your on Skype, that is totally defeating the purpose of dating on the site, they try to micromanage a little bit too much, maybe I my return to the site in a priest outlook and act domestic or like an older guy in his 90ies, I give Date in Asia site two thumbs down, and de-boner . I am an Asian-Filipina i really felt sorry for those westerners who were asked for money by some members of this site.. I don’t like those americans who are into young girls.. But hey, someone named “team” will be sure to reach out to you and give you that personal touch. “Cupid M” is here to clarify it all with the same nonsense. There are many asians in our states now why get on involved with a situation that is impossible to control. One girl tokd me she liked my photo when i never posted a photo. The next day they closed my profile and basically ripped me off . That is not cool They told me to email them and basically The other thing about Asian dating is the same ladies are still on the site looking for matches l scent 4 lots off flowers & my home address have not got a single letter or a phone call even a email from 4 that got my email another 5 to 6 have my address . I have found it as an ad on a site i am looking at and it got me interested to look for its reviews.. UPDATE: Oh look, they replied with absolutely nothing new.I saw one of the ladies who wrote me 100’s of times on-line available for chat. If you use credit card or paypal watch it like a hawk. I spend a lot of money on this site in almost 2 months.She was clueless of me or what she wrote me before. Morons you have to ask when there are problems don’t understand your questions.

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For instance to prove that I am speaking to a real woman I ask her to send me a selfie picture so I can see who it is. This site, along with the Ukraine If you try to make contact with the girls all emails are stopped. They are there, well trained, heartless, just to suck you in for profits.

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