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According to a study done by the University of Western Australia, there is a 60% aerobic energy system contribution to top male athletes and 70% aerobic energy contribution for top female athletes running at 800-meters.

It is important to note that the slower the athlete is, the more aerobic contribution the event will require. However, the 800-meter is raced more like a sprint event, in that the first half of the race is faster than the last half of the race in top performances.

This can be called lactate utilization work, lactate clearance work, buffering work or tolerance work.

Athletes often inappropriately consider these days to be the “easy” days, because they do not bring type of fatigue they associate with hard work.Some misperceive repetition training as “speed work.” Repetition training can be used for a variety of purposes including developing endurance in the 800-meter athletes.For true 800-meter specialists, repetition training for endurance development may yield greater results than unsupervised continuous runs.Theories are continually evolving and terminology periodically changes.We once convicted “lactic acid” for being guilty for causing the painful “booty lock” fatigue we feel after high intensity efforts over long durations such as 400 and 800-meter races.

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Here we are running repetitions that are most often between 60-meters and 150-meters at maximal efforts, although running shorter than 60-meters is also appropriate.

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